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In the end, there were a wide range of reasons for England’s defeat to Croatia: Gareth Southgate’s side not creating enough chances, inexplicably being outrun by a team who’d previously played two extra times, Luka Modric and Ivan Perisic. But in the first half, or at least for the first 20 minutes or so, they were well on top, and needed to score a second goal. Their best chance came when Harry Kane was put through, his first shot was saved but then somehow he hit the post from four yards out with the goal gaping although the second chance was later ruled offside.

With regard to the certainty [or assurance] of salvation, my opinion is, that it is possible for him who believes in Jesus Christ to be certain and persuaded, and, if his heart condemn him not, he is now in reality assured, that he is a son of God, and stands in the grace of Jesus Christ. Such a certainty is wrought in the mind, as well by the action of the Holy Spirit inwardly actuating the believer and by the fruits of faith, as from his own conscience, and the testimony of God’s Spirit witnessing together with his conscience. I also believe, that it is possible for such a person, with an assured confidence in the grace of God and his mercy in Christ, to depart out of this life, and to appear before the throne of grace, without any anxious fear or terrific dread: and yet this person should constantly pray, lord, enter not into judgment with thy servant!.

Times, Sunday Times (2008)Universities have already become as irrelevant as libraries. Times, Sunday Times (2013)When you are out of power your promise of new politics is irrelevant. Times, Sunday Times (2014)This kind of cricket is totally irrelevant to that which the rest of the world plays.

Infermiere assume un nuovo profilo giuridico, e con esso anche la documentazione infermieristica subisce una profonda mutazione: a livello assistenziale diventa strumento di pianificazione dell’ assistenza; a livello giuridico diventa atto pubblico. La carenza di norme giuridiche che regolano, in maniera precisa, i requisiti e le modalità della documentazione infermieristica nel contesto sanitario italiano, lo studio individua dei punti di riferimento per la compilazione della documentazione, che guidino l’ infermiere in questo compito: il Codice Penale, il Codice Deontologico, il Profilo Professionale dell’ infermiere e la formazione. Punti rispecchiano la responsabilità dell’ infermiere nella compilazione della documentazione, infatti egli nello svolgere questo compito assume rilevanza nell’ ambito penale, etico e professionale.

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