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Meet The Modern Trailblazers è un concept dedicato ai viaggiatori contemporanei, spiriti liberi che inseguono un pensiero indipendente, non a caso la location della campagna è un aeroporto. “Ho trascorso molto tempo in movimento, viaggiando da un luogo all’altro, attraverso continenti e fusi orari” riflette Jackman, che negli scatti indossa al polso il suo Segnatempo Montblanc preferito e una borsa da viaggio della collezione Nightflight “La vita è esplorazione, è saper affrontare nuove situazioni e sfide, riuscire a pensare in modo diverso e provare sentieri inesplorati. Con gli strumenti giusti che offrono performance impeccabili, sono spinto ad andare anche oltre”..

But yesterday when I went to medical school this disease was called “adult onset” diabetes to distinguish it from “juvenile onset.” On my watch and yours we have witnessed the transformation of a chronic disease of overweight, middle aged, sedentary adults into a pediatric scourge.Yesterday’s news is bad a tragedy, in fact. And a travesty. A disease that should never occur in children has become routine among them, and our collective societal response was to change the name to make it ok.Still, today’s news is even worse.Today’s news is the proliferation of cardiac risk factors among children, and their growing need for treatments that until very recently were limited to adults, such as statin drugs and bariatric surgery.

Times, Sunday Times (2014)Within days, the dad of three resigned from his job at Heathrow airport. The Sun (2008)He remains the largest shareholder in Birmingham’s holding company despite resigning from all positions before the trial verdict. The Sun (2015)The Government of the Netherlands resigned last week having failed to secure agreement for its proposals to reduce the budget deficit.

The Sun (2009) Proposals and projects are already in place. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The plans include three barrage schemes and two projects involving lagoons. Times, Sunday Times (2009)The local government is working on reconstruction projects but efforts are curbed by the continuing security problems.

Charles Glass The Tribes Triumphant (2006)Take an apartment and eat out morning, noon and night. Times, Sunday Times (2015)After the success of the morning, the afternoon singles just went horribly wrong. Peter McEvoy For Love or Money (2006)Until the unthinkable happened on race day morning, that is.

I don know what was more hilarious, that or the toilet paper stacked in the closet. You can take your own roll with you to the bathroom! Or perhaps it was the fruit sticker plastered to the mirror (so much for maid service). Or the ancient radiator that made the place feel like the Sahara..

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