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Scrive Michael Pollan nel suo libro del desiderio ideogramma cinese per “canapa”, rappresenta una pianta maschile e una femminile sotto un tetto: la cannabis all’interno dell’edificio della cultura umana. La cannabis fu una delle prime piante a essere addomesticate (probabilmente prima per la fibra, e poi come droga); si coevolvette con il genere umano per oltre diecimila anni, al punto che la sua forma originaria potrebbe non esistere più. Adesso la cannabis è il prodotto del desiderio umano quanto una rosa Bourbon: abbiamo solo un’idea vaga di come potesse essere prima che legasse il proprio destino al nostro.

Yes, they have guys who will pump your gas for you if you aren inclined to do it, but I think they only on staff during normal business hours. When I pulled up to this place very early one morning, there was just one semi surly guy who really didn want to be bothered. I was having a problem with the tires on my car and he was barely interested in helping.

When I was there I discovered pretty quickly that I couldn be the photographer who walked around there and shot without being seen, because as soon as I had entered people started taking photos of me: I was the Western blonde woman stereotype. But I thought it was a natural interaction: I was taking photos of them so why wouldn’t they take photos of me? It was simply fair and honest. Also, since they couldn really speak English and I couldn speak Chinese, it became like a visual language: we didn have words so we communicated through images..

The Sun (2010)My husband died like a battery hen. The Sun (2012)From battery hen to free range in the blink of an eye. Times, Sunday Times (2012)There’s no difference between that and killing hen harriers. In fact, the reverse is true. Evolutionary theory is based on science not on belief. Every discovery, bit of evidence and experiment confirm the theory.

It is well known that the spectral density of random matrices ensembles will converge, as the matrix dimensions grows, to a precise limit. One example is Girko elliptic law. Introduction of the sparsity is one of the factors that complicate enormously the mathematical analysis and new techniques for the calculation of the spectral density are welcome.

Nor, do I want to create categories, as again those will be decided by the country as a whole. I simply want the option to choose into which category my taxes go. For example, I want to choose (and then get a receipt for) putting 60% of my taxes to education, while 40% goes to military, etc.Your guests suggestions on fixing the country were mostly self serving.

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