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induce definition and meaning

The Sun (2012)They have to spend more on welfare while they receive less money from tax receipts. Times, Sunday Times (2010)He sends her bills and receipts and she approves or rejects payments. Times, Sunday Times (2010) Keep receipts in a safe place and review them against your bill.

It comes with two bottles of perfumed lotion. Times, Sunday Times (2016)And for our clients, it is the pleasure of wearing perfume. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The afternoon morphs into a perfume class, smelling essential oils that form the base of most perfumes.

Shandong Liangshan Tongya Automobile Co.,Ltd is listed among appointed enterprises to produce and refit automobile approved by Development and Reform Commission of China ( former Economy and Trade Commission of China), the first cooperation enterprise with its products listed in Public Notice on automobile refitting for management. We are the full size Modified Truck enterprise which integrate the design of product, scientific research developing, production and sale together, Possessing subsidiary companies of Automobile Production, Automobile Trade and Automobile Fittings Production, etc. Our leading products are Tongyada brand semi trailers, tipper, fuel tanker, liquid bitumen tanker, particle material tanker, bulk cement tanker, concrete mixer truck, wrecker trucks, timber trailers and other special vehicles etc..

S. The Collins History of the World in the 20th Century (1994)This was about people in close combat relying on comrades left and right of arc. Times, Sunday Times (2007)They were also given to soldiers to combat battle fatigue. 796KbAbstractNello sviluppo di nuove tecniche in chirurgia ortopedica per la cura e il trattamento di ossa, tendini, legamenti e cartilagini, da decenni si è ricorso all’utilizzo di dispositivi che possano aiutare il paziente nel recupero delle sue piene funzionalità. All’inizio vennero utilizzati solamente dispositivi composti da materiali metallici, in seguito si preferirono i materiali a base di polimeri (e ceramici) bioriassorbibili. In questa trattazione verranno illustrati in primo luogo i tipi di materiali bioriassorbibili che vengono maggiormente utilizzati in questo ambito, facendo riferimento alla composizione chimica, alle proprietà fisiche e meccaniche, alla biodegradazione e alla biocompatibilità.

Perhaps the commercial gaze is really what should concern us. Women drive the economy, the idea of female competitiveness is very important to its survival, so if women are now saying they want sisterhood and diversity, I guess corporations are going to exploit that. As long as we are living in capitalism it’s hard go around it, maybe its more realistic to work to the side of it to intervene..

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