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4MbAbstractNel contesto dello studio di modelli matematici che permettono il rendering 3D di suoni, si propone un modello a basso costo di sorgente sonora virtuale nel campo vicino. Ne viene fatta l’analisi dal punto di vista teorico e si presentano i risultati dell’esperimento di psicoacustica ai fini di (1) paragonare la performance del modello alla controparte teorica; (2) testare l’efficacia del modello nel rendere la distanza relativa tra sorgenti sonore virtuali, paragonandolo a condizioni di controllo presenti in letteratura. I dati raccolti hanno mostrato buoni risultati per quanto riguarda il primo obiettivo, mentre per raggiungere il secondo saranno necessari ulteriori studi.

Times, Sunday Times (2009)But he was defiant yesterday. The Sun (2012)In a typically defiant speech last night the 47 year old leader said that her movement had made a big leap on to the benches of regional power. Times, Sunday Times (2015)The 74 year old senator’s campaign appears braced for a setback but remains defiant.

Equally, some non recommended varieties such as iberis “Masterpiece” and alstromeria “Inticancha Dark Purple” did really well. The labelling appears to be inconsistent and certainly over optimistic. Perhaps “better for pollinators” would be more accurate..

Geyer too asserts that the numbers might be off by about 10 percent. “They’re not super precise, but they’re robust,”Geyer said. “We’re in the ballpark.”. Times, Sunday Times (2008)They have a reflective trim for maximum visibility and a centre back mesh storage pocket too. The Sun (2011)You sound in good shape so you could afford to show off a trim waist and slim hips. Times, Sunday Times (2007)And their menu for dinner will be trimmed to feature a choice of four main courses instead of six.

Eventually the Diocese decided to close St. John doors, sent a priest to desanctify the building, and put it up for sale. In 1996, after three years of construction (during which the original building and fixtures, including floors, pews, and stained glass windows were carefully restored or preserved), Church Brew Works microbrewery and restaurant opened it doors.

That we have two distinct outline forms of text at hand The Frolic(k)some Irishman and The Irish Recruit and the distribution of printings looks to be particularly circumscribed. From this collection of dates it would appear that texts of The Irish Recruit came later than The Frolic(k)some Irishman.